How do you package olive oil fir camping?

What is the best way to carry olive oil to my campsite?

We’ve used the small bottles like airline liquor bottles. Usually one bottle is enough to do what we need. The other option is to get one of the silicone squeeze bottles like the use for soap or shampoo. They come in different sizes and can be had in drug stores or any camping supply as well as Wal-Mart.


@Kathy1 I have purchased small-sized olive oil bottles at Walmart and Target which are good for camping. (I will sometimes refill these from larger bottles for later trips). I have also used the small silicone food-grade squeeze bottles (they can be pricey) for oil.

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I use small jelly/jam mason jars. Used a squeeze bottle and the top blew off when I went into the higher altitudes.

Hello there. We typically just buy a 16oz plastic bottle of olive oil, and bring it with us in the pantry. (I use a 5 gallon bucket with a Gamma Seal lid as a pantry for camping). We use a lot of olive oil so it goes kind of fast around here. On veggies, making foil pack chicken parmesan etc…

Motocamping: I use old 5 hour energy drink bottles and I put a small piece of cellophane over the top to ensure it doesn’t leak. Then screw on the cap. If your not watching weight, use the original package only if its plastic.

Please excuse my ignorance of the term. Motocamping? Is that like, camping from a Motorcycle perchance?

Yes, pack your tent, sleeping bag, kitchen kit etc… and head out on an adventure. Ride in any direction you want, GPS the nearest State park, KOA, BLM land, etc… stop for the night. Then do it again.

Awesome. Thanks for the clarification…

+1 on the 4 oz mason jar. They’re surprisingly rugged and seal tight every time. I prefer using a squeeze bottle, like I do at home, but they tend to get leaky.


Check out the Nalgene website; there are a whole lot of inexpensive bottles with unlimited possibilities. Compare with prices on Amazon, as some are cheaper there.

I like to reuse sauce containers from meal kits; they seem to work pretty well. I put them in a zip top bag for added protection; getting oil everywhere is kind of a mess!!!

There are companies that sell “packets” of olive oil. It’s not “no waste” but it will keep your backpack and car and cooking gear from leaky, greasy olive oil mess if your container leaks. Depends on your needs if it will work for you.

You can also buy plastic flip cap type of “centrifuge” tubes. I use them for garden seeds, but I have heard of people using them for pre-measured doses of liquid meds for vacation so they don’t have to take a huge med bottle with them. Might work for olive oil? Maybe?

Olive oil is one place I don’t mess around and if I’m carrying it then I’m doing some serious cooking and usually take a whole bottle of Newman’s Own extra virgin. Usually for chicken parm. or other heavy type meals that usually are more centered towards using a flat griddle over a fire compared to traditional things like hot dogs and burgers.

Just found a link for olive oil packets!


KORKEN Bottle with stopper, clear glass, Height: 11" Diameter: 4" - IKEA

These come in several sizes, I use them for olive oil, salad dressings, lemon juice, simple syrup and liquers for cocktails. I’ve never had them open accidentally.

There are a lot of options, for sure. You can use the bottle or some kind of a plastic jar. I personally prefer using a packaging that I got from uniflex packaging company, they have a wide choice of different ones.