How do you care for your water bladder?

It’s always challenging to clean and dry out our water bladder, especially when on a long trip. I’ve been recently seeing things on my Facebook and Instagram accounts for a product called BonDry. Anyone know about this and would you recommend it?

I just fill it with hot water and two tablespoons of baking soda and let it sit for a while. the Camelback company also says that you can dismantle your bladder and put it in the dishwasher.

Looks like that’s specifically for pulling moisture out of a bottle.

You should be able to get the same effect with a simple cloth.

One end of the cloth in the bottle and the other end sticking out, put it in the sun or in a place with good airflow and as water evaporates off the loose end of the cloth it will pull moisture out of the bottle. Now I’m curious to experiment…

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Couldn’t resist… This is just with a gallon ziploc because I’d washed it anyways this morning. These normally sit with moisture in them for 8 hours when I dry them. I inserted the towel and did NOT rub the sides of the bag (wanted to test if it would pull the moisture into the towel). 3 hours later it seems pretty dry (pic) — a couple beads of moisture in the corners. True test will be with a true small-mouth pack bladder…

I’ve had success in cleaning my water bladder with a mix of water and citric acid (lemon juice). A little bit of flavor gets left behind sometimes, but no complaints!

I don’t… Because I hate water bladders! In all seriousness, I have one that I use very rarely. When I have to clean it, I use a very mild vinegar solution to rinse it with. You can also use a little bit of alcohol, swish it around and then let it dry. I’ve seen people prop them open with chopsticks, paper towels, and various other things. The paper towels seem to work because then they absorb moisture from the inside. my husband hangs his from a hanger in our laundry room where it’s warmer and they dry out a little bit faster that way.

The towel trick looks awesome. Can’t wait to try it.

I was really looking to see how other people dried their bladders and if they were familiar with a product called BonDry. I’m always afraid I’m going to acquire mold in mine. I’ve used paper towels after cleaning and some have told me they put theirs in the freezer when between trips. I’m going to try the cloth method (won’t leave bits of paper towel behind) and see how that works. Certainly cheaper and won’t require carrying an extra product! Thanks for all the feedback!

I have the Mazama bladder and it comes with a contraption that holds it open so you can stand it up in the dish rack to dry out. I swear by Mazama!

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