Hot Springs in California?

Just curious which hot springs people think are the best? Recently I went to the hot springs in Sequoia National FOREST - which were free and pretty cool! They smelled strongly of sulfur but it was easy enough to camp (also free) and hike down to the baths. I stayed late into the night and watched the stars with about four other people I met down there.

I checked out Travertine Hot Springs near Bodie, just a short way outside of Yosemite and it was pretty cool. There was no relief from the sun, so it wouldn’t be great for summer or midday. When I was there I didn’t notice a smell and during my visit in fall I was there alone the majority of my visit.

There is no camping at the spring itself but you can camp along the roadside in a few pull outs. The views are pretty amazing from this point!!

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There are a few others within an hour of Travertine. The popular ones in Mammoth Lakes are Wild Willy’s. They’re crowded but there is a lot of space and can’t beat the views!

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Does anyone know if/when Sykes Hot Springs near Big Sur are open again?

Awesome I will have to put that on my list for next time I travel that way. I always love to find a good hot spring but since I travel solo don’t always love encountering a bunch of people.

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