Hiking in the rain

do you tough through it or do you set up your tent and wait a bit? I personally like to hike in the rain (atleast for a little while) It adds a chaotic element to the adventure that I enjoy

Keep trucking! That’s my motto…unless there is thunder and lightening within a 10 mile radius. Then it’s time to get off of any exposed terrain and think about finding a place to hunker down while the storm passes. Personally, I don’t even don rain gear when hiking in the rain. The likelihood of me sweating the same amount of moisture while hiking in rain gear has proven equivalent (if not more) to the wetness I experience from hiking in the rain. I save the rain gear for being in camp.

I only hunker down if an electrical storm - I love hiking in the rain :smile:

Hiking in the rain makes it all the more epic! What’s not to love? Easy to keep all your gear dry with a pack cover and a bag liner.

Except when I did the PCT last year, we did 26 days in Washington and only 4 of those were dry all the way through. Got used to waking up in the morning and deciding which pair of socks was slightly less soaked to wear for the day.

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I love hiking in the rain. I always prep for it so it’s enjoyable instead of inconvenient. Just weatherproof everything beforehand and have a good poncho ready. Unless the terrain is treacherous when wet, I say keep pushing.

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