Highlights of eastern washington

i’ve never been east of the Cascades, and nobody seems to talk about it. Let’s celebrate eastern washington. What are some must see spots for camping?

Eastern Washington is by far not as lush as the Cascades or western portion but you can find some pretty cool places near the Gingko Petrified Forest area near the Columbia River. I found some great public lands out there for roaming around and the recreation area has great water access.

I live east of the Cascades and there are just as many opportunities over on this side of the mountains as there are on the west side. Ancient Lakes is my go to for short overnight trips (it’s free and pretty close to I-90. Also taking a drive up through Grand Coulee to Steamboat Rock State Park is an awesome trip! We took a class field trip to Juniper Dunes Wilderness down by the Tri-Cities and that was amazing as well.

The Colville National Forest is beautiful. There are tons of lakes and interesting things to do such as fossil hunting, cave tours, hiking, waterfalls, and the camping is endless

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