Having a hard time buying a van

I live in Portland, OR so vans are extremely popular. I’m having a hard time actually buying one because they go off the market so fast! Anyone else have this issue

What type of van are you looking for? One that is already built-out or are you looking to do your own conversion? Have you tried expanding your search radius?

We own a van but it isn’t the sexy Instagram type. It’s older and original (for now) but it suited our purpose at the time. We had to purchase out-of-state. We live in NJ but bought in Michigan mainly because the outdoors or vanlife aren’t really a thing for NJ folks! :cry:

It’s gonna be more difficult to find one that’s already built out, unless you’ve got an unlimited budget. But just search for cargo vans, and there are plenty out there with low mileage and decently cheap!

Something I have found is if you are wanting a cargo style van and can’t find one you can order direct from the company of your choice… In our area I am looking for a small NV200 or something of that sort and kept finding that this is the time of year when companies try to empty their budgets and scoop em up for their transports and advertisements… so we discovered this as an option… you won’t get the dealer rebates but you can put whatever you want in your base van which is actually kinda helpful!

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Just adding, I searched on CarMax, found the one I wanted, and paid the $450 transport fee from NC to TX.