Has anyone used a solar shower with a foot pump?

I am looking to upgrade my simple solar shower to one with a foot pump. This would allow me to use it without having to find a branch that is able to hold up 5 pounds, something I have found can be a bit difficult in some places.

But before I pick up one of these and spend close to $100 I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on specifics, brands or things they loved/hated about ones they have used.

We love our 11 liter Nemo Pressure Shower! We’ve used it for a couple of years now while living on the road and it works like new. Just used it this morning, in fact. Let me know if you need further info…

We have the 22 liter Nemo Pressure Shower. We use it mostly for washing dishes but it is nice to be able to use it for a shower if the showers at the campground are gross. About the only thing I don’t like is cleaning and drying it when we get home after camping because it takes forever to dry fully.

I found this on amazon it has been a life saver in portable camping shower I had to go look for it I think it is on page 1 now so it is easy to find - totally multifunctional.

I am always looking for something that will make my life a bit easier on the road :slight_smile: I used the pump before but it broke after a few uses - At least I know this on has an on/off switch to conserve my water to last for an entire shower when needed.