Hammock bug net

i love love love hammock camping, but hate hate hate bugs. For those of you that have used a hammock bug net, how has it been? Did it take the magic out of hammock camping a little to be surrounded by mesh on all sides?

In cold weather or if I’m pretty certain there will not be bugs, I go without. I typically treat my hammock and sleep sheet with permethrin. If I’m doubtful, I’ll bring a bug net. I typically hang it while I’m hanging my hammock, but leave it bunched up at the end. I only deploy it if the bugs are out and then it is as simple is pulling it over the hammock.

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I made a diy net from mesh curtains… Bottom entry net. Beats the heck out of being eaten alive. I’m a magnet for mosquitoes! I actually find it’s a bit comforting… Almost like having walls. A bit of security. Bottom line… No bugs is good sleep without chemicals!

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A must have in Florida, pretty much year round. ENO has an enclosed bug net but elbows, knees and sometimes other places that may touch the screen or press against the hammok and screen will still be vulnerable. Grand Trunk and ENO both offer a boxed version that will prevent this from happening, they have a flat floor that also gives you a space to stand as you get out of the hammock - bonus for sure!

Yeah, I grew up in the middle of rice fields in AR, and knew how annoying bugs are so I bought the Skeeter Beater Pro hammock from Grand Trunk. It came with a mosquito netting sewn into the the hammock itself, but I’ve also used the Thermacell Radius zone mosquito repellant system and it’s worked pretty good. For the other creepy crawlies I typically treat my cloth with the Permethrin clothing and gear spray.

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My hammock came with a bug net attached, but can easily be flipped over for a non-enclosed experience. I really love it though! protected but can still feel the breeze!

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I have a similar set up. This is my second backpacking hammock. My first didn’t have the integrated bug net, and I left it at home for a trip during which the nights were cool enough the bugs wouldn’t be a problem. On the third night, a rodent ran across my face.

I leave the bug net on now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Part of what I love about sleeping in a hammock is feeling the air move around me. I’ve had two different bug nets, and neither has prevented me from feeling the breeze.

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I would have just died right there!

My instinctive reaction was to fling the thing off of me. I think the poor rodent flew all the way down to Trap Lake, 1000’ below.

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I have spent night in about every combination of hammock and bug net.

If you are one of those lucky people that lives in a not bug climate, I would go without if possible. In Florida I would use a bug net year round. I have used both the integrated net as mentioned by Chistina_M and the ENO style as mentioned by NotaCluegal. I dont really have a preference of one style over the other. I find I can still get a breeze through the net and still get that magical hammock rocking that puts me to sleep.

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That breeze is ever so important as we have more hot nights than cold - love the trees rocking me to sleep! :slight_smile:

I love my Hennessy with the bug net and rain fly. It’s the only way I camp winter through summer.


I sleep in a gathered end hammock that has an integrated bug net (the Simply Light Design Trail Lair hammock), because the bug net stretches nice and high on top of my ridgeline, I really don’t feel impacted by it at all. I think having a ridgeline on your hammock to pull the net up is REALLY important though. I don’t feel like my bugnet in that position restricts any airflow at all and also, with it pulled as it is; I also don’t experience any great deal of obstruction in my view.
I do have second hammock that has a lower hanging ridgeline and sometimes that one does feel a bit too close to my face.

Long story short… For me, it is all about how much that ridgeline can lift the bugnet up and off of you.

I have a Hennessey Hammock with integrated net and double bottom for insulation. Love it. Prior to that I had a ENO style with a zipped bug net that hag from a Ridge line never felt it.