Hammock and a Roadhouse Camping

I have started using a SJK Roadhouse Tarp with my hammock to keep my eating area under cover. I sleep in a Hennessey Hammock with fully zipped bug net and a rain fly. For lights at night I use Mpowered Luci string lights 20210812_170140|690x388

How do you Hammock camp?

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Wow! That night time photo looks magical.

Sorry, I don’t hammock camp, but I do enjoy hammocking. Sometimes I set up a hammock at my campsite and sometimes I set up anywhere available, like in a cemetery after a hike to and from a waterfall. I also tried hammocking in the rain, that turned out pretty well.

I can relax for a while, but eventually my bones and joints start to hurt. I couldn’t imagine being comfortable enough to sleep through the night in a hammock. How do you manage? Is there a specific kind of hammock for sleeping? I am a stomach sleeper which I don’t think is possible in a hammock.

Nice casual hammock. I have used my eno for similar rest type hangs. For camping I use a Hennessey Hammock and it’s an asymmetrical hammock allowing for a near flat lay, I’ve slept on my side many nights. When I was only using my lightweight hammock for sleeping, the secret I discovered is the tighter the hammock the better the sleep, and if you use a double hammock you can put a water bottle in the pouch and flip it over you for bug protection.

Wow, that looks like a very cozy sleep space! The netting being held aloft makes it look very comfortable. May I ask what got you into hammock camping as opposed to ground tent camping? Pros and Cons?

Thanks, I started as a quick and easy way to get back into camping. I bought an inexpensive hammock with a rain fly for about $60. As a kid in the 80s I did it a lot in the national forest behind my house. It’s easier than having to worry about what’s on the ground or if it’s wet. I just hang my shoes from a line and my clothes go in a pouch hanging from the ridge line. My Hammock is insulated and rated to 40deg and my bag is rated to 0deg if I add a fleece in the between the bottom layers I’ve been comfortable below 30deg.

Not having to worry about the ground is huge for me, I’ve never really found ground camping comfortable. My hammock works as a chair or lounger and my bed. It has a built-in bug fly to keep all the no see ems off me, but I still get good ventilation.

I tried a Gazelle t4 with a cot prior to buying this hammock and we get enough rain that it flooded the tent. A problem I’ve never had with my hammock, I have put the rain fly tight to the bug net and camped though some pretty hard rains.

I generally wake up with no pain in my joints, I do from my bed. Being in my 50s that’s important.