Great Outdoors All the Time (GOAT)

Goats. Gotta love them, right?

Same with dogs, huh?

Well, I have a combination. I have 2 goats that act like the most deranged, sweet dogs ever. They don’t run off, they walk without a leash, they come when called (if they feel like it), and they’re super food-motivated. They also love peanut butter.

Ever let your goat lick peanut butter off your fingers? They can’t tell where the hell the peanut butter stops or where your finger starts, and goat bites hurt. They don’t even have any top teeth, and they still feel like having a boulder crushing your digits!

Anyway, I think they’d like to go camping and hiking. One likes climbing on steep trails and exploring, the other likes to try new foods, so I figure they’d like the great outdoors. But if I were to take them camping later on, I need to know some stuff.

  1. They’re really small, an awesome target for a coyote, bear, cougar, wolf, or sasquatch (I am a firm sasquatch believer). Do they make little bitty barns that you can pack in and out like a trailer?

  2. I’d like some temporary fence to take with me, just in case. What do you recommend?

  3. Is anybody else as crazy as me?

Thank y’all kindly!


I am not a goat person (we had tall goats that caused chaos and destruction in pursuit of food), but these people are!

I love goats! My parents had them when I was growing up, they were really fun. A few were dog-like and if I had them today, I would definitely camp with them.
I don’t have real-world experience with this; but lots of folks use a type of mobile electric fence to deter bears. Maybe worth looking into? Of course, your goats would have to avoid it too; maybe they just get their own tent to contain them :slight_smile:

I might need to research it, but if the shock wouldn’t be bad enough to harm a goat, that could work great! They usually sleep outside when the weather is nice, roaming our property. So maybe I could build them a lean-to and put the fence around, then just try to teach them to avoid it? They’re fast learners, only if it benefits them.

Apparently coming when called has no benefit. They know what to do, I’m sure of it, they just don’t listen.

Frankie looks identical to my goat, Jimmy! Jimmy is just a lot bigger. Not in height, but he needs to lose a couple cough HUNDRED cough pounds. Sorry, had something stuck in my throat.

Can’t tell you much about goats, but we camp with horses. Generally, we “high line” the horses, but some people use portable electric fences. The downside is: how much can you carry?? Dogs aren’t a problem because a simple leash works when needed, and they’ll cuddle right up in the tent. Are your goats big enough to carry some weight?

Definitely. It might be a struggle getting them used to packing stuff in and out, though.

Pack goats are a thing. People will actually train their goats to pack minerals and pull trailers. I know somebody on this goat forum website who uses their goats for mining, and also drives them in their wagon through Dairy Queen every year.

They’re little goats, but they could haul some stuff, no doubt. Plus, I can’t imagine the posts for that fence stuff is very heavy if it’s anything like the stuff we use for cattle and horses.

And anything can be taught to them, as long as it’s worth their while. So if I give them a peanut butter pretzel bite when they do good, they’ll know this like the back of their hands.

Or hooves…

Wait, can goats actually see the backs of their hooves? I should know this, but I don’t.

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A friend who uses a portable electric coral for her horses has fiberglass poles with steel tips that can be “stepped” into the ground. Saves quite a bit of weight over a steel pole. I think the charging unit & batteries might be most of the weight.

I’ve had goats. An electric line may keep them in but will not keep bear out. Coyotes shouldn’t be a problem. I recommend high lining them close to your sleeping area or bringing them into your shelter. Begin training them to pack, it is done in many countries but takes more than overnight. Also, they are destructive to flora and fauna, being browsers, so that is a real issue.


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I swear I’m not living under a rock.

What’s flora and fauna?

How about Pomoly’s Altay Stove? Is it worth buying?