Going on a trip , looking for a storage solution

Hello, am going a one-month camping trip next one in my Rv, So I want to store some of my belongings in a storage unit(for some security reason) . So I was wondering is it safe to use a storage unit?

We are in Florida - So here I would advise temperature controlled unit and place in some sort of bug traps to be extra safe. You do not want to bring home any pests. Do not store any food items or cleaning products (especially if not temperature controlled).

Yes, it is safe to use a storage unit. The safety factor is up to you. You will obviously be taking more risk when you use a public storage facility than if you store your belongings at a private residence of a family member or friend. If you are concerned about security, then you should go with the latter option. However, it is certainly a good idea to rent a warehouse to keep your belongings safe.

Self-storage units are built to protect your stuff. Storage units are generally very safe, secure and comfortable. Storage units are frequently in a climate controlled environment, which means that your stuff is safer from the elements. Storage units are usually filled with air, which is much less likely to conduct electricity than water or earth. A storage unit can also give you extra space for when you need it, whether it’s the space to store your winter coats during the summer, extra space for the kids to do homework, or for when you decide to move out of your house. Storage units are safe, secure and affordable.