Float Camp Tent or Hammock?

Planning a 3 day, 2 night float / camp trip on the Buffalo National River. I have a 2 man tent but I’m thinking of getting a hammock to take along for space and weight reasons. Anyone have experience with $100-150 hammocks?
6’2", 250#

We have something similar to the one in this link https://gizmoscentral.com/product/portable-camping-hammock/?msclkid=c3f9f7d63cba1a8e639697450ab82f18&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=0201_bing_shopping_替补&utm_term=4588468182976766&utm_content=50451
, just can’t seem to remember what one we have. Anyway, ours holds both my wife and I and is rated at 400lbs. Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the link!

No problem. Hope it helps you out. Btw, I’m 5’ 11" and I have room to spare in ours so you should be fine.

Enjoy your trip!

Through hiked the OHT in a Warbonnet Blackbird (nice foot pocket for straight sleeping). Has a built in bug net and sets up in minutes (heavy duty strap and carabiner, no knots). I kinda love this hammock.


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If I’m not carrying the weight on my back…I go for cush and luxury. I bring a hammock along but prefer the luxury of a 3.5” air mattress in the confines of a tent. But you’ll likely get as many varied answers with each response. I have floated rivers that the nearest tree is an impossible 40’ climb up a cliff.

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I’ve researched and tested exactly hammocks for exactly this situation. I own 4 hammocks and they are the easy part of the “solution”. I could discuss “tension” on the straps and how to counter swing and rocking, but won’t except to say that with engineering ingenuity, it can be done. And I could discuss the way I use a tarp to make a full standing height tent around my comfortable hammock, which only needs a ridgeline. But that’s for my cold-weather hunting camps. But I will say that a lightweight, screened hammock combo with a lightweight fly over it is often sold by various sources and it is a simple and neat way to do what you have in mind.

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@Jabo have you heard of https://www.hammockforums.net/forum/content.php? They have tons of info on Hammock camping.

This is interesting, thanks. I’ll check it out.