Features in campground details - laundry

Has there been any thought to including laundry facilities (washer/dryer) to the features listed under campground details?

We live and travel full time in our RV and though we mostly boondock, we prefer to use laundry facilities at campgrounds rather than making a special trip to town to find a laundromat.


That would be a great addition.

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I’m a tent camper in MN state parks for the most part. My sister moved to Arkansas for a bit, and my kind was blown by the amenities that their state parks offer. It didn’t even occur to me that a state park would have a laundry facility! This would be a feature that I wouldn’t use often since I’m sticking close to home these days, but I would definitely use it on longer road trips!

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I’ve found that a number of state parks in New Hampshire have them, installing them as they upgrade their bathroom facilities. Many of them are located near ATV and hiking trails, where a chance to do laundry may be particularly appreciated. Clearly, places that don’t have flush toilets, don’t offer laundry either.

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