Favorite new pieces of gear?

I used all my REI dividend on Backpackers Pantrys and I’m kind of regretting it. Anyone get any new gear recently that they’re loving?

I love my Hydroblu water bottle!!! not only is it an all-in-one, you put water in it and can just suck the water through the filter, but it’s squeezable too so you can squeeze filtered water into a cook pan!

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I just picked up a new to me backpack and 4 season tent this spring. Also a life straw and jet boil pack stove. Feeling a good trip coming on. I do motorcycle camping trips with backcountry hiking and wilderness camping :slight_smile: :grin:

Super silly, but I love love love my $6 cheap-o mesh net mosquito jacket. I am a magnet, and when it gets bad, this is simply the best piece of gear if you want to enjoy anything outside the tent…or just on a hike in the woods!


The gnats are terrible already this year- I was very grateful for my head net on my camping trip this last weekend

I just picked up a new camp stove folding wind screen which stows away flat and in just about any area of my car. It is amazing!! I know it is something so simple but I have continually said to myself for the past year how much better camping with one would be and after seeing how Ranger Hayley’s worked so well for her last year I wanted one, but never had the thought to order when I was actually home. Finally found one and am LOVING IT!! Even on the beach in Corpus where it is always so gusty it has been amazing!!

Brooks Ghost GTX running shoes… I just got a new pair (even though this is the third time I’ve bought them). They’re goretex so they’re amazing with whatever the trail or the campground or your run throws you- and they’re amazing for hiking, camping, running or just walking around. I’m a big fan of one piece of gear that is useful for a many things. I still wear my hiking books for backpacking, but these are my go to for day hikes.

I’m a hammock camper, but I wanted a tent for those trips I on which I know I won’t be able to hang the hammock. I got a good deal on the SlingFin SplitWing shelter bundle. I was able to test it out on a rainy night in a rainy place (got about an inch of rain), but I didn’t sleep in it. (I don’t sleep well on the ground.) This tent is soooooo cool I kinda wanna go somewhere that I’ll have to use it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not the most compact option, but its a cool piece of gear.