Family | Friends & VanLife?

What are they saying (about vanlife)?

As I approach setting out full-time (6/1} in my self converted ProMaster 136"wb, selling and gifting everything I own, I am comforted with both sides of the fence from family members and close friends. I have seen where others warn that not many will view the choice as valid…
Lets talk about those that have supported, and those that haven’t, shall we? :smiley:

I’ve often wondered if those who don’t seem to get it and give people a hard time about full-time travel are just jealous because they can’t (or won’t) take such a leap. But to each their own. Just do what you want to do. There is nothing guaranteed in life, including the next day. -Ari


There could indeed be some jealousy there. It truly takes a lot of gumption to take the leap. It is the path less traveled. I’m sure we’ve all heard the cliche’ “I’ll be living vicariously through your travels.”

I’ve heard everything from “You’ll be living the dream!” to “If you gave me that van right now, I wouldn’t do what you’re doing.” I was signing papers to schedule cancelling my home insurance yesterday (closing in 10 days) and the agent says “So you’re just going to be a traveling Gipsy?” I said more like a traveling nomad and didn’t have time to explain further.

I try to introduce my “hike your own hike” philosophy of life when someone totally doesn’t get it. Much like your “to each their own.” I do understand that the majority of our country resides comfortably in mainstream and won’t veer too far from the current. A large group of my soon to be ex co-workers rarely travel outside the state. A handful of comments have been that I’ll be back in 2 months tired of the travel. I’m secretly planning for and committing to a complete year.

I’ve watched a Yube vid where a vanlifer suggested having a standard statement that covers what you are doing and why. Something polished and complete. I need to work on that. lol


I’m the only one in my family who even enjoys the outdoors, travel, and exercise - so they full don’t understand why I like my lifestyle.

I’ve often come across people who think that vanlife is cool in the abstract, but never really want to do it themselves.

I’m not really living in a van to please the masses though, lol


All I can say is, I’m envious… Enjoy your travels.


It’s not a life that we could live, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t right for you. Get your “quick answer” down and then just move along. Though hopefully they can support you, when you will need it, if that’s something you want.

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