Extra ground clearance? Strait axles?

I am thinking how to get a few more inches of ground clearance from a trailer for boondocking. (2 people, my motorcycle and maybe a golf cart) I am more concerned with how fragile a 20+/- ft toy hauler would be vs converted enclosed trailer.

Hi Tom. Take a look at this sight. I have seen these before and they look like a slick setup. https://timbren.com/c-1389196-products-axle-less-trailer-suspension.html Good luck.

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I have not scene those, They look fantastic. A tad costly… But so is everything. I have had a goose neck feather lite deck over with Flex axles and it worked great and was quiet.
One of the running jokes, HD of of Harley is it is always in Hundreds of Dollars. Nothing new, Thinking of the desert for the winter.