Extended Western US trip

We are planning a western US trip to last 3 or 4 months. I would appreciate any references or resources to plan such a thing. We have a 2016 Grand Design Imagine 2600rb and it is pulled with a 2017 Ram Laramie Crew Cab. Thanks.

If you could tell us where exactly in the Western US you are interested in going, I am absolutely certain we can give you some great ideas.

Are you more interested in National forest campgrounds or more resort style camping? Hiking? Fishing? OHV Trails?

Lots of us out here have varied interests and would love to guide you to some great places!

Thanks for the response. We are more interested in National Parks and forests and military campgrounds. Hiking, sightseeing historic places and towns. The Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Northern California then southwest and so on.

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Just remember, timing is everything. You want to hit all the big name National Parks, but Glacier, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon and parks in the mountains during early summer-early fall because they have weather related closures and the temps drop. Peak seasons require booking a site asap after reservation season opens. Some are fcfs (Zion, north rim Grand Canyon) and that means getting in the que at 5 a.m. to possibly get a spot. Campgrounds outside the park are an option. Not familiar with the size of your rig, but usually, smaller rigs have more options. We look for usfs, blm, or places within a drivable distance from the big parks. I would recommend travel window of late May through early September in the mountain states as a general rule (many will argue with me) but depending on the weather, Sept and October can be amazing times. Dont forget Covid restrictions vary from state to state. Not familiar with the SW except for Slab City. Hahaha.

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We have stayed in several National Forests in Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, AZ and CO.

In no particular order, check out some of our favorites:

Shoshone National forest, Big Horn National forest, Black Hills National forest, Fishlake National forest, Pike National forest, Coconino National forest.