Endless refresh loop?

Can anyone access the page for this campsite? I get caught in a refresh loop on every browser and operating system I try. Private browsing or clearing cache doesn’t help. I’m not sure where to send a message to site support to fix it.


We’ve been experiencing a few campground pages with this issue recently, and have been working on fixing them!

for now the easiest solution is to remove the part of the URL that says “%20” and replace it with a. “-”

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Thanks. This might be a good thing to pin to the top of a forum or add to a FAQ.

Heck I didnt want to go there anyway…

Our devs are asking where you found that link. Do you happen to know the source?

It was in the “nearby campsites” carousel at the bottom of the page for South Mountains State Park, which I think is here (https://thedyrt.com/camping/north-carolina/north-carolina-south-mountains-state-park-family-27340) but currently appears to be not working either. Weirdly, when search the entire site for Morganton NC, then zoom down to South Mountains State Park, I ONLY see the listing for the Upper Falls Campsite. There is a family campground and at least five backcountry sites there.

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