Do you worry about your campsite being safe?

My family and I often leave our campsite alone in order to go hike or swim or whatever. I’m always kind of nervous that our stuff is going to get stolen, though its never happened. Anyone else have this fear or experience getting robbed while camping?

Camping in more remote places this can be more worrisome than in many patrolled public spaces of course. I just always like to think about the fact that should something happen I need to already know what I need to do as a backup plan. I don’t have my valuables left around camp, I always plan for a worst case scenario or needing to find a new location, buy a new tent or even have to stay at a hotel. Keeping a backup plan and a emergency fund for this really puts my mind at ease. I have camped at over 300 locations and never had an issue however being aware of possibilities is a surefire way to be prepared!!

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Bunny’s answer is fantastic. I think trailheads - where people park their automobiles - are usually far more problematic than campgrounds. It’s also great to check in with campground hosts before or after you decide to stay somewhere. They can give you key information. Yeah, nothing’s ever happened to my stuff either, and I’ve done a lot of camping alone as well.

When I’m not in the van, I’ve left my tent, chair, sleeping bag and pad at campsites but typically do not leave higher value items such as stoves, grills, or things like that. I’ve never had any problems, but don’t want to lead someone into temptation either. I have had friends camp at very popular sites be warned when they check in to secure their stuff, but they haven’t really experience any issues either.

I suppose it depends on how “off the beaten path” you are, but generally I’ve found fellow campers to be a trusty bunch that generally leave you alone. The one funny exception was at a site where I left some supplies but not a tent and left; I came back to someone camping in that spot. Not a big deal, I just grabbed what I left and went to another spot, but he felt so bad he left me a 6-pack! I really wasn’t upset, but can’t really say no to beer :joy: