Dispersed Camping near Bend, OR

Does anyone have any dispersed campsites near Bend they recommend? I will be there in a couple weeks to get a roof rack for my Element and plan to head south to my parent’s place in Grants Pass, so anywhere south and off of Hwy 97 would work. Or if you have a campground you really like that might be open, let me know too.

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Down China Hat Road there is a lot of dispersed camping.
I shot this video there a few days ago with my new drone.
This was near Boyd Cave and Skeleton Cave.

There is also Walmart parking lot on south end of town.


That is an awesome video! Especially with all the birds. I will check out China Hat Road. If you have any coordinates of favorite spots, feel free to share!

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I stayed here for a week a few months ago. Really simple area, but plenty of space where you can get privacy and only like 15 minutes from town!

Reynolds Pond. Beautiful stop east of Bend.

Thanks! I will check that out.

I will look into that too!