Dispersed camping in the ONF

We own a T@g boondock teardrop and are looking for recommendations for dispersed camping in or around the Olympic National Forest.

Omg. I grew up in the Olympics. So many places. Get a Metsger map or Natl Park map and look around the rivers, Dosiwallops, Skokomish, Satsop. Etc. The logging roads have many places to pull into. Wynoochee Dam has a campground, but there are pull outs along the rivers. There are roads crossing the ranges and many trailheads. It’s been awhile since I’ve been up there, but a good map is a great investment. So many beautiful places.

Bumping this up again. I am in Belfair/Union area right now on a housesit and might need a place to boondock over the weekend. Prefer areas in the rain shadow. Let me know if you have any recommendations, with specific coordinates.

47.40900022,-123.31100018 haven’t been here in years but nice spot on the Skok River. Up the road is Browns Creek. If you are heading north into the rain shadow, look at the Dosiwallops area. If you have layers, look for nat’l park or usfs layer. You can camp almost anywhere in the nat’l forest.
The rain shadow is fairly small, near Sequim and the nat’l forest pretty much isn’t. Try the Hamma Hamma. My experience was in the Olympics near the Skok River, heading into the mtns. Camp spots galore but not in the rain shadow. Were you heading over to the coast?

Thanks for the recommendations. I ended up having some scheduling issues so I didn’t get to try any of these spots…but I am making note for future trips!