Crua core tent... thoughts?

I’m looking at purchasing the Crua Core tent and was wondering if anybody else had any experience with Crua products/tents and what your thoughts are? What’s appealing about the Crua tent is that it supposedly holds in heat a lot better then the standard tent. Also since I started looking at upgrading there so many choices and I’m even considering canvas. The bottom line is I’m sick of being cold at night lol. Thoughts? Information? Other alternatives?

Haven’t had any experience with Crua Core, but if you’re cold at night, upgrading your sleeping bag might be the most effective option.

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Hello! So I did that, my dilemma is that I like space in my tent to stand up, move around, which backfires at night. I upgraded my sleep system but I thought with a tent that holds in more heat, it would make for a more comfortable experience. The Crua technology seems to be what I’m looking for, but wondering if anyone has one and what difference they have noticed?

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It may not be your tent or your bag. What is the R-value of your sleeping pad? In cold weather, the ground is the main contributor to being cold. Also, do you wear a knit cap at night?

R value is 4. Trust me when I say I look like a ninja when I suit up to sleep. It’s the tent. Any thoughts on Canvas vs. Crua?

We use a combination of things instead of a pricey tent upgrade. First a king size micro fleece blanket on our summer tent between the tent and the fly. Second a propane safety heater has been awesome although bulky. With the heater though, careful about contact points of “stuff” and the tent as condensation gets thing wet. This is with our 2 XL 10 person summer tents which I just put away yesterday and have used down to 20 deg. Lastly the winter/snow tent, although smaller, is more heat efficient without the heater because it’s smaller and entirely different venting design. We are getting a foot of snow today/tonight so I plan to try out the winter snow tent while it’s still above 0 deg and before our winter expedition in the White Mountains come January.

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These are great tips! I did a thick emergency blanket between my tent and rainfly but I like the idea of doing a micro fleece. I’ve been on the fence about the tent heater a friend of mine uses that and I was thinking of investing in that as well. If I can get a crua core refurbished tent for a good price I’m probably going to upgrade to that. I love camping but it just gets so cold!

I bought the crua core and the duo maxx. I also bought the flysheets and getting the crulla family. If you are taking it out in the summer then get the flysheet, it makes a noticeable difference. In the sun without it then it gets very hot but when using the flysheet, it is cool. Like being under shade with a 10 to 15 degree difference. Also helps is the ventilation and the open door. At night, reversing the flysheet gives the opposite effect, so you will be warmer. I think you could do the same with a silver tarp with other tents but I like simple, it is already configured for the tent so you don’t have to try to construct anything.
Hope that helps

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Hi Mark! Thank you for your thoughtful response this is very helpful. I ended up getting the Crua cocoon (the 4 by 4 by 6) and using it inside my newest Coleman tent which is decent. I’m still interested in getting the Crua core and I like that the fly sheets have that ability to warm and cool. Are you doing winter camping?

I am going to do my first winter outing in it this weekend. Un fact I want to see how it performs in the snow without the cocoon. Weather is suppose to hit in the low teens so I will be really testing its limits. I also ordered the family instead of the Cocoon max because it was just 30 dollars more and much bigger. I hope to receive it at the end of this month. So Hhow is the cocoon? Does it really keep you warm like they say? I have been reading it does but hard to seperate true users experience vs paid marketing trying to sell their products! Did you try it during the summer? How was it?