Concierge Grand Canyon RV Trip Planning?

Hi – I’ve been searching around the web to try to find a concierge planner to help with a Grand Canyon / Bryce / Zion RV trip. I’ve found places that will trip plan for you and rent you their RV, but I haven’t found any places to help existing RV owners. I’m a bit intimidated by all the planning and permits, etc., and was hoping to find someone to help with that process and to give good advice. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!

Where are you starting from? What month are you planning to go? Have you looked at the Dryt Pro?

We have made the trip you are planning a couple of times from Colorado.

We live near San Francisco. Yes, I’m a member of Dyrt Pro. Any tips? I’m mostly a bit overwhelmed by planning ahead for permits, etc. If you have a rough itinerary you wouldn’t mind sharing, that would help! Thanks!

We start in the Colorado Springs area. First stop Grand Junction area—>Fishlake National Forest, UT (close to Bryce Canyon and much less crowded. )—> Zion, UT (stayed in Zion Canyon RV park right outside the Park entrance…very crowded and tight spaces, but trying to get a place inside the park on the FCFS basis is too chancy)—>Lake Havasu State Park—>Flagstaff, Az (we stay in an Air Force Campground and day trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona)—>Durango, CO—>Mesa Verde National Park, CO

I live in SF Bay Area and have stayed at GC and Zion a few times in my RV. I’ve never needed a permit, just camping reservations and planning for shuttle rides into Zion. Do you have any specific concerns?