Colorado burn ban

Colorado has a statewide burn ban in place now. Awhile back there was a discussion about propane “campfires”, and now would be the time you would want one if you’re headed to Colorado.

Also, the smoke is horrendous for much of the state right now. If you can, check the smoke forecast before you leave. Sadly, we may be facing this situation for several months. Also check your route, as I70 has been closed between Gypsum and Glenwood Springs for over a week.

I also highly recommend your advice to campers @Kathi_V anywhere in the Mountain West; as its pretty smoky in Idaho and Wyoming too. fire danger is high with burn bans in place. Air quality is bad. I can normally see the Tetons from my house, but we are completely socked in by smoke.

And we have tourists like this:

Add California and Oregon to the smoked out category unfortunately. Honestly this is why I never ever have campfires. The danger to our planet isn’t worth it for me.

I camped in Silverton a few weeks ago and to my surprise when we got there they said the fire ban was lifted about a week and a half before we got there. Had beautiful campfires all week long and on the last night the fire ban was set back in place. Although it was a joy to have campfires for our trip. image

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We’re in Ouray now and I was very surprised to see that they’re allowing campfires here. There are signs all over the place that say Statewide Fire Ban…I guess elevated places are exempt? This area is also socked in smoke, though I’m told it’s from a controlled burn.
Even at recent RV parks we’ve been to, people ignore the fire ban. It’s too bad when the actions of some impact everyone.