Casino parking lot boondocking

Walmarts seem a little too scary for me, but casinos are well known for their security. What’s everyones experiences boondocking at casinos. is it safe?

We have stayed at a few casinos and haven’t had any issues! We have also stayed at Walmart - they seem safe enough, but seem to be louder during the night than the casinos. Check out Bass Pro Shops too!

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I’ve done it in Deadwood, SD. Depending on where you park, you have to be aware that there might bright lights, people walking by all night and that you’re being recorded on a security camera the entire time. Also, if you’re not a disciplined gambler, it might be more expensive that paying for a campsite.

We stay at the Black Mesa Casino in New Mexico frequently. It’s not boondocking, but for $10, we get electric hook up and access to water. For another $10, we can dump and flush tanks. It’s a great overnight between Flagstaff and Denver. Nothing fancy, but the access to I 25, fuel prices and location outside Albuquerque can’t be beat.

Hey there! I totally understand where you’re coming from with feeling a bit uneasy about Walmart parking. But I’m glad you mentioned casinos as an alternative! I recently did some research on bonus del casinò online and was pleasantly surprised to find out that many casinos offer great bonuses for overnight parking. I’ve also heard from friends that they have had positive experiences boondocking at casinos and felt safe. Just be sure to check with the specific casino’s policies before setting up camp. Overall, it’s great to have options for safe overnight parking and I hope you find the perfect spot for your travels!

Great advice here!! Yes, camping has lots of options. Casinos and other places often offer “free” camping, but it’s super important to always check with the management/front desk to find out “if” and “where”. Best to have permission, even if it’s not needed, if possible. Cheers to adventures!
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I see it’s been a while, but I wanted to chime in. I haven’t personally boondocked at a casino before, but I can understand why it might seem safer than parking at a Walmart. Casinos typically have more security and surveillance measures in place, which can provide a sense of safety and peace of mind. Even online casinos (like w88) have more secure settings. It’s also better to follow any posted rules or regulations and respect the casino’s property.

Hey there! I totally understand your concern about feeling safe in certain environments.

As for boondocking at casinos, I’ve actually heard from many people that they feel quite safe and secure there. In fact, casinos are often known for having tight security measures in place. Of course, it’s always important to use your own judgement and be aware of your surroundings, but overall it seems like a relatively safe option. And speaking of casinos, have you ever checked out Ralfcasino? It’s a popular online casino with a great reputation.