Car camping: window up rain block?

Hi there! I have a puzzle I can’t get my head around.

what is the SIMPLEST, cheapest way to block rain coming in an open car camping window, BESIDES those external stick on window rain blockers. I understand those would work, but don’t want to stick them on my car.

Trying to wrap my head around another option, but it just isn’t solidifying yet.
Maybe like a plastic school folder bended to create a rain blocking vent?? I don’t know.
Or wide, removeable painters tape across the top outside of the window.
Or maybe an umbrella over window, with its pole stuck through the door handle and taped?

Wondered if other car campers have improvised a better solution, other than installing those window rain guard things.


If it’s a window on a door, open the door, slip a plastic bag over the top of the door and close it. A stick could hold the bottom out to allow air flow.

A tarp should work to cover the car with an overhang and stake the ends. Another less expensive way to cover windows.

I may have to try that. and already have a tarp. thanks!

this is so easy, it’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that. great idea thanks

I have a Yakima awning that rolls out from the roof of my car and provides a cover for the window. I can use the garbage bag idea on the opposite side.


It’s cool, describe it. How is that?

i have seen the screen things that you put over the door, so there would be a screen basically on the inside and outside. it would probably help with blocking rain, but i dont think it would be a complete solution. this has me curious. i am going to watch this thread to see if there are any other ideas that pop up.

I do have those bug screens that slip over, but those will not keep out a good rain. I have since given up on rain camping MOSTLY for the amount of mud and dirt I would track into the car. tried it once and decided it was not the fun hobby camping style I desired.

You can cut a piece of transparent plastic sheet or a lightweight tarp to the size of your car window. When it’s raining, roll down the window slightly and place the plastic sheet/tarp over the open area. Then, carefully roll the window back up so that it holds the plastic sheet/tarp in place. You might need to adjust the window’s position slightly to create a seal. This will create a barrier between the rain and the interior of your car while still allowing you to keep the window cracked for ventilation.

To improve this solution, you could attach small clips or clamps to the plastic sheet/tarp to hold it securely in place. Just make sure not to damage your car’s window or frame.