Camping for halloween?

I am thinking about trying something different this year and thinking about camping out on the weekend of Halloween. Any tips on how to make this fun and festive? Thanks! :jack_o_lantern:


That’s what we did last year and actually it was really fun! We still carved pumpkins (and when we left we smashed the pumpkins which was also fun… they are forest critter safe to eat!) My husband bought a small projector and we watched Hocus Pocus on the side of the tent. We also bought my kiddo a character hoodie so it wasn’t quite a costume but something he could run around in and still feel dressed up. We were in a fire ban at the time and used LED candles and glow sticks to light the pumpkins.


Hey, I and my friends did this too last year and we had a lot of fun…

Watching movies in a portable projector is a lot of fun and joyful activity to do with your kinds. I recommend to take a look at the best models available here:

Should take the pumpkins with me next year, it seems to be a nice experience!

Whatever you said aside I love this getup