Camping around las vegas?

Planning a road trip, where we want to visit vegas but not stay in a hotel in the city. What’s the best camping around vegas?

Lake Mead area has tons of camping!!! LIKE TONS!!! If you are wanting to really explore the outdoors while in the Vegas area this and the Red Rock area would be perfect for camping and exploring!!

If you are choosing either of these lemme suggest the following:


  • Calico Tanks Trail (great views of the changing of landscape and also has a great view point of the strip from the park)
  • Lost Canyon Trail (easy hike but shows off some really great petroglyphs)


  • Historic Railroad Trail (this trail is located along the actual railway which once was constructed to service the Hoover Dam during construction, large tunnels and friendly to both foot and bike traffic)
  • White Owl Canyon (this is a slot canyon hike which takes you through some great views of the slots and under 2 roadways through some cool tunnels)
  • Arizona Hot Springs (this one is actually just on the Arizona side of the state line so a bit further from the strip but the best hot spring you will find in this area. A couple miles in, some light scrambling, but it will take you to a multi tier spring and then to the Colorado River, you can also hike in to camp here if you like)
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I didn’t camp here, but since you are relatively close I would recommend trying to hit up valley of fire state park. I stayed in the worst hotel ever in town (slim pickings for all things here) since I visited in the heat of the summer, but it was worth it to see the park in the evening and in the morning.