Campground Music

I like playing a guitar and singing. I carry my Taylor guitar with me on our trips. Does anyone else like to play and sing in the campgrounds?

We always did this when I was a kid camping. Would love to sing hymns and folk songs!!

It seems different today than 30 years ago when I started. 30 years ago I could start playing and before you know it the campsite was full of people sitting around joining in. Now everyone has satellite TV, AC and cellphones and never seem to disconnect.

@cgkennington they also don’t have parents or even schools to teach them the songs. :cry:

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Nobody sings “Campfire’s Burning” anymore!! :frowning:

I had to look that one up. Never went beyond Brownies in the Girl Scouts

I can not sing so I bring a Bluetooth speaker and stream my music :sunglasses:

  1. Gotta have some Van Morrison!
  2. I know about 7 chords on the guitar so… I try not to torture everyone & will slip away by myself for this :slight_smile:
  3. My 4 year old likes it when we just make stupid stuff up by the campfire :joy:
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I was just camping last week and got my guitar out. Played about 20 minutes and the lady in the next camp site brought a mandolin over and joined in. We played almost 2 hours and my fingers felt like they would fall off. We had a blast.

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I was camping this weekend and heard that acoustic guitar sound from a nearby campsite and immediately felt drawn to it. It brought back memories of sleep away camp and church retreats. Oh how I wish I had been better at music! So jealous of people who can play guitar and always seem to know a bajillion songs. I really wanted to go see if they were the friendly sort of camper who would lead some “Ring of Fire” or “Country Roads”, but the pandemic has squashed my adventurous side. Asking to borrow a phone charging cable from the next campsite over was almost too much socializing for me.

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Yes, Buddy i also like to play guitar and sing in the campgrouds…

Only once I had an experience of singing in the campground… that was amazing! The song was “Knocking on heaven’s door”. Can’t forget that atmosphere, want to repeat! I think I need to take guitar lessons :smile: