Campfire necessities

I was unfortunately in charge of the meals and drinks last time we went on an RV trip. There were over 30 of us total, so I had my work cut out for me in that department when it came to purchasing all the food and drink supplies and ensuring everyone’s hygiene. Needless to say, because there were so many mouths to feed and so many people to take care of, there were a few things I overlooked (like buying plastic tubs for hand washing). That was a big mistake on my part! I should have known better that there are specific portable sinks made exactly for situations like these! If you know of any lightweight, highly compact ones, please recommend them to me.

I have used the following portable sinks during my frequent camping trips, and I have found them to be very convenient. They are relatively cheap and well made, and they work perfectly. This is the portable sink I recommend. If you like to go camping and are willing to invest in this type of thing, it is a very good product to have. You’ll find that life is a lot easier and less stressful with this little sink in your inventory!

Better yet - you can buy collapsing water jugs (I have one that’s a few gallons) that hangs from a hook on a tree or pole. Fill it with water and you have a little “spigot” to turn on, wash, and turn off again. You don’t need hot water if you have a little biodegradable soap (please do this 200 feet or more away from water sources). And it collapses down to pack away.

Alternately, while not as “earth friendly” you can have tubs of antibacterial baby wipes with a dedicated trash can to make sure you “pack it out”. They do make more earth friendly alternatives that biodegrade in the garbage.

But remember to pack it out if you use the above method.

Happy camping!

I have used these and love them – they are lightweight, pack flat, and are durable. The handles are great when you have to carry the grey water away from the campsite to dump. The only caveat is to not lean on them when they are full of water or they will collapse (lesson from experience).