Boon Docking in Crested Butte, CO

Planning to make my first visit to Crested Butte, Colorado while en-route to Jackson, WY - any good advice on boondocking just outside of the city? Been reading about options along the Slate River - I’ve got a 4wd Sprinter (and experience driving it off road) and was looking for inside info on good ideas that isn’t too far off the beaten path. Water a plus (of course) - any suggestions much appreciated.

Hello, my first quesiton would be how are you planning on going to Jackson, WY from Crested Butte? If you wanted to take a drive along Rd 12 from Crested Butte to Paonia then head north you could camp anywhere along Rd 12 where there is water and a wide spot if you plan on taking HWY 50 its already a bit out of the way.

Rd 12 is closed during the winter so check if its open or not but its a beautiful drive over Keebler Pass and is a pretty well maintained dirt road. If you wanted a little more off the beaten path you can take 317 north out of Crested Butte and loop back on 374 but I will say some areas along 317 over Emerald lake do get a bit sketchy if its still snowy or in late summer.

Have Fun =)