Best way to travel around Olympic Park?

We are hoping to head out (after all this) to visit Olympic Park and I was looking to see if it would be better to fly in with all our gear or just drive out there from Colorado so we have a car? Can you get around Olympic easily without a vehicle or do you need one to get between locations?

I would take the car!! I was inquiring about transportation because the park is so big and they do have some great tours but then you are at the mercy of a tour schedule. It is pretty crazy to get from point to point without being able to do so in your own speed. Many of the tours only hit certain parts too so that is a bummer. I am thinking about going back up there too… I have so much left to see!!!

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Olympic NP is huge and very diverse, from the coast to the rain forest to the mountains. Unless you only want to explore one part of it, I think you need your vehicle.

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Definitely need a vehicle. The bus schedule is pretty spotty and essentially only takes you from town to town. Not having your own vehicle means you miss out on some really incredible parts of the park that are otherwise nearly inaccessible without a vehicle.


If you’re into cycling, I’d recommend the Olympic Discovery Trail, which runs from Port Townsend to La Push!


I definitely want to see it all! Thanks!

I’m SUPER into cycling, hmm Maybe driving would be good so I can bring my bike.

We drove and packed our folding bikes. It worked out well to check out different segments of the Discovery Trail. I’d love to return again and bike camp along the whole trail. Have fun when you go!

We aren’t backpacker campers, but we were able to fit our 3 person tent, two sleeping bags, and two collapsible cots into a large checked bag for our flight to Seattle and then we rented a car. Work tends to pile up if I’m gone for too long- so I would rather spend some more money on flights and a car rental to save a LOT of time.

I think having a vehicle to explore will give you so much more flexibility and less stress. It is really quite an expansive park!