Best region of idaho for camping?

i’ve never been to idaho, and know nothing about it. I just googled some pictures of the nature and wow! Where’s the best area that I should go explore while camping?

mrsantiagoI’ve lived in Idaho for a while and there are some great places in the southern regions but it is also spread with kinda desert. But in the northern pan handle it’s pretty much all trees and mountains and lakes. I’m not saying that the south is bad its just harder to find those picture perfect views. I hope this can help you.

Idaho is the USA’s best kept secret. Everyone thinks “potatoes”, but oh boy… there is something for everyone out here. I guess it kind of depends on what else you’re doing besides camping…If it’s hot springs and mountain views, I would suggest campsites in the Stanley area. White water - then definitely Hell’s Canyon. Ghost towns and motocross? Idaho City. Climbing or mountain biking? City of Rocks. Class I-II paddling? South fork Snake River or Henry’s Fork. There is so much, it’s almost overwhleming!


I’ve been camping and backpacking in the sawtooths area. Altria’s lake, Pettit lake. Stanley lake . But I go to hike and it’s very pretty hiking.

The Cascade, McCall and New Meadows areas are pretty hot camping spots in terms of how many people go up there. But as others have suggested, Stanley is amazing for just about anything outdoors. Anything south or south east of Boise is mostly desert and not ideal for camping (unless youre into desert camping).

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