Best Mobile/Cell service in the Western States

I would like to know what mobile phone service is the best for west of the Mississippi river, and especially from the Rocky Mountains and west. Currently I use Verizon and it is okay most of the time, but I’m thinking of switching to Mint mobile and they use either T-mobile or AT&T. Any experience in using any of the above would be appreciated.

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We have Verizon and live in the mountains, in one of those places on coverage maps with no coverage.

When we camp, we usually have some coverage, where our friends with T mobile have none. We generally camp in CO, AZ, NM, WY, SD, CA.

Thank you, that is exactly the type of information I’m looking for.

We have Verizon and found that it worked pretty well when we traveled this past summer in CO, UT, NV, CA, OR and WA. We did lose service in very remote areas, but it was strong near most towns and along major highways. The consensus among people I’ve talked to is that Verizon is best in western states, but I know the other providers are trying to expand their service areas. We plan to be boondocking a lot in our skoolie this winter in the SW, and I’m considering a special offer through the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) to get a truly unlimited phone data plan through Sprint, even though Sprint is known not to be great in the west.

Thank you. I looked into Visible, which is a relatively new service with Verizon unlimited. Based on what others have said, and my own experience with Verizon on Tracfone, that may be a way to go. Thanks again for taking time to respond.

I’m looking into Visible, too!

We camp in all of the western states and have Verizon. There are certain areas all over the west that have absolutely no coverage, so you may want to consider some type of Satellite service , such as InReach by Garmin. You can tether these via Bluetooth to your smartphone or pad.

My visible SIM card should be here today!

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Let us know how it works, Gary!

How’s Visible working for you, Gary?