Best Hiking In Georgia?

I am looking to possibly go back to Georgia this fall and want to hit a lot of hiking with some friends who are not big hikers. What would you suggest for the best places to take people who want to get out but aren’t really ready to take on something crazy long??

Providence Canyon in southwestern Georgia was cool. You can hike along the rim or down in the canyon. We were there in the winter and the canyon was VERY muddy - not sure what it would be like in the fall. The hikes are not difficult but they offer two very different perspectives. Only $5 park entrance fee. Another very different suggestion is Cumberland Island. You need to take a ferry there but once there, you can hike around the southern part of the island (about five miles, all flat) About a mile of it is on the coast and you will also pass the Dungenenes Ruins. You may also see a variety of wildlife including armadillos and wild horses. You can also bike around the island.

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awesome… thanks for the heads up!!! I am really wanting to find some cool places to escape to when this all clears up and that was very helpful!!!

I second Providence canyon. We just went there in March. Cool area to explore. Not difficult. Nice park.

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Cloudland Canyon in NW GA has LOTS of hiking in and around the state park. Has RV, tent, and backcountry camp sites. Lots of waterfalls.

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OOOHHH I love waterfalls… so this is now on the list!!!

Yup, I forgot about Cloudland and agree, it is excellent. Check before going, however. One week before we went, the two waterfalls had all but dried up but after a few days of rain, they were flowing again. would have been disappointing just a week earlier. Also - about 600 steps down and then back up again - should be no problem for a veteran camper/hiker!

You can also check out Forth Mountain in North Georgia. Waterfalls, a lake beach camping mountain biking and a really cool old fire tower you can climb.

Oh and they mysterious wall built by the moon eyed people.


Oh I like me a good mystery…lol… I will add those to my list for travel for sure!!! Thanks

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Left Georgia this week, we hiked dukes creek falls and hemlock falls trails with kids and adults that are not hiked, both beautiful.
We did Tallulah state park as well but I would not suggest hiking up and down the 1000 steps to see river gorge and suspension bridge unless y’all are in gods shape, views were great even on rim trail


Pine Mountain Trail in Pine Mountain is awesome. There are creeks to ford and a few waterfalls. Wolf Den Loop is pretty popular since it’s at one end of the trail.
All located in FDR State Park.

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Park near Mountain Crossings and hike Blood Mountain

Best Hikes in Georgia
Anna Ruby Falls Trail No.
West Rim Loop Trail.
Raven Cliffs Falls.
Canyon Loop Trail.
Emery Creek Falls.
Springer Mountain.
Pine Mountain Trail.
Panther Falls.
Gather Everything You’ll Need in Advance
Clothing Essentials

Beyond the obvious, here are some articles of clothing you’ll want to have with you in order to be prepared for the terrain as any weather that may come your way:

  • Hiking boots – It’s best to have someone help you get fitted for a pair of hiking boots and then practice using them in advance.

  • Hiking socks – Spend the extra money to get a good pair so you’ll avoid blisters and keep your feet comfortable.

  • Sunglasses and sun hat

  • SPF long sleeve shirt

  • Waterproof jacket – You can choose something light or insulated depending on the temperature, but this will keep you dry if it rains.

Cold Weather layers – Weather can often change drastically as you go up in elevation. You may be warm in the beginning but cold at the summit so be sure to bring items like a sweatshirt, hat, and gloves.

Satellite Phone For Hiking: Many hikes will put you out of cellular range, which means you won’t be able to stay in contact if something goes wrong. Having a satellite phone will keep you safe, and you can even rent one if you only need one temporarily. Be sure to have a backup battery for any electronic devices you take.