Best destinations/campsites for a fall RV getaway?

Looking at planning a fall RV trip, and renting an RV so it can be anywhere in the US.

I was thinking Colorado but someone else said New England, and then I know there are a ton of spots I’m not even thinking about…

So, where would YOU go for a late summer/fall trip?

Big Bend NP on the Rio Grande would be one of my top picks. A beautiful park with hot springs, a waterfall, and an awesome canyon. People flock here in the spring to see the cacti in bloom. But folks don’t realize that in this arid area cacti also bloom in the fall. It is lovely rugged, unique, and uncrowded in the fall.


What are you interested in doing or seeing? Consider exploring the Upper Peninsula of Michigan if you like hiking, waterfalls, forest camping, awesome views of Lake Superior, etc. Just note that cellular service can be almost non-existent between towns.

Depends on how long you have. Watch the weather too. The fall colors in the north are beautiful.

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Colorado has dicey weather and many RV and National Forests are closed in early September. My vote would be New Englad or the UP of Michigan.

I agree, NE and UP would be excellent fall foliage destinations.

I want to do that! Big Bend has been on my list forever. I lived in Dallas but now am in Alaska. I need to go down this winter and see it!