Best cots for tent camping

Collapsing, lop-sided mattresses are over for us. Does anyone have some great recommendations for easy to set-up and store and most of all super comfy cots for tent camping?

I use a gander mountain61e1y3hsqDL.AC_SX679 my back would like it to be a little more cushy on the lower lumbar but I have an old injury. I just throw an extra sleeping bag under me. It folds flat but it is a little cumbersome. I camp with my truck so I don’t mind. I’m 6’1" and I fit in it.

Camp Time Roll-A-Cot. Easy to set up, not light and not for anything other than car camping or an extra sleeping space in the house, but really comfortable and sturdy. Very well made.

Byer of Maine Easy Cot. I got mine from LL Bean. They are unbelievably easy to set up. I top it with a cheap self inflating pad that I got at Aldi. I sleep great on it. Reviews on LL Bean site say a lot of people use the LL Bean camp futon with it and love it. Pricey though.

It’s nice to have the space underneath the cot to store stuff. The only down side is that an air mattress definitely packs up smaller and lighter.

My wife and I do exactly the same and love it. Bought ours on Amazon.