Best cheap knife

just looking to get a really cheap knife. I don’t really like the “tactical” look that many modern knives have. been looking at the opinel no. 08s, but open to suggestions

I typically carry a Victornox Classic which has a blade, scissors, file, screwdriver, tweezers and toothpick. I bought it off of eBay for $6. There is always a supply available on eBay because this knife is always being confiscated by TSA at airports and resold online.

What is “cheap?” I personally think a good Leatherman or similar quality multi-tool really comes in handy and should be a first choice in any pack (probably have to spend fifty to sixty bucks, but it’s certainly worth it & will last forever). For a sheath knife, I’m impressed with “Morakniv;” they come in a variety of styles & prices, but the first one I bought three years ago for twenty bucks just to see how well it worked, and I’ve yet to replace it (4 inch blade); quality made in Sweden, and Swedish steel is well known for it’s qualities. I also have a little Swiss Army knife for everyday pocket carry. Don’t buy a “cheap” knife! Particularly if you have to depend on it!

I’ll just add to what Gary has said. “Cheap” and inexpensive are two different things. Inexpensive is relatively easy to find. Cheap may cost you in the long run. A mora companion in either stainless or carbon steel will do you well. Easy to sharpen and maintain, as well as it won’t break the bank. Additionally there are a ton of aftermarket sheaths for it so if you want leather instead of the included plastic its relatively simple and cheap to change it. A new mora should run you around 20-30 online or at a major retailer. The add on leather sheet will probably cost the same. If you want to upgrade the mora garberg is a full tang version and bulletproof in terms of quality and construction. It’ll run you around 75-100.
In the event you want to go all out I can’t recommend LT Wright genesis enough. Worth even penny. Even if you ha e to save up and wait.
Anyway hope this helps.


Second the mora line. Super sharp from factory and some are so inexpensive you could replace them every few trips. Mind you I have $$$ knives as well. Just really like the niche the mora knives fill.

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I think to properly answer the question we need to know what you plan to use it for. I have the swiss version of the Leatherman and have worn it most days since 1997 :slight_smile:

But I also like the inexpensive knives you can get a Lowes’s or Home Depot that use the replaceable razor type blades. When it gets dull you flip it around, when that gets dull you replace it. Good for cutting things like paper and cardboard without having to worry about dulling it because I don’t care.

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