Bear proof coolers that won't break the bank?

been looking for a bear proof cooler and I found pictures of a grizzly failing to bite into a Yeti Tundra. I won’t be messing with grizzlies, but either way Yeti is too expensive for my blood. Anyone have an alternatives?

I think the Rovr is as pricey as the Yeti… but I have to say that it’s pretty awesome and amazingly rugged.

Have you looked into Lifetime coolers? I believe they are bear-proof and can be found online or at Walmart. The 55qt runs about $100.

I bought a Nice cooler at Home Depot. Built like a yeti but much less expensive. Carries a bear proof sticker. I used it 2 weekS ago in Utah. Temps 100+. No bears. With. Block ice, food stayed fresh.

I have an RTIC that I love. Half the price of Yeti and still bear proof. I am looking at something bigger, was looking at lifetime.

I would offer the suggestion that no cooler is 100% bear proof. Yes, there are some that are tested and “proven” to be effective at deterring bears. AND I would offer that a bear (black or grizzly) can get into a “bear proof” cooler if they have enough determination and ultimately exposure to a specific type. It’s really a matter of time before they figure them out. So take the seal of “bear proof” approval cautiously. It’s kind of like watches that are water resistant, some coolers are bear resistant. Given the right circumstances and the right bear, any cooler could be toast.