Banning campfires?

Sadly, this is why a lot of laws and restrictions end up being put into place: “Unfortunately, personal responsibility is often lacking.”

With all the new campers, it seems imperative that we start some sort of training for the basics again, perhaps sponsored by the outdoor and RV companies.

We have seen a lot more people in campsites lately without a clue (or perhaps a care) on how to build and properly maintain a safe campfire.

We are seasoned campers, and yes, there has been a huge influx of first time campers in the recent years. That is exciting and, selfishly speaking, irritating because the camping resources have not kept up with the increase. Sadly to say, it isn’t only the newbies who need to be trained. Seasoned campers do stupid things also, with a sense of experience and entitlement. Practices done years ago now conflict with forests impacted by drought, degradation of native flora & fauna, and human impact. What we did “growing up” may not be sustainable or wise today. Everyone must step back and adjust to the changing environment.

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Very valid point about people needing to change with the times. “We’ve always done it this way,” isn’t a valid reason to keep doing it that way. -Ari