Backpacking Stove Set-up

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my stove for a while now and am torn between just buying a newer version of the Jetboil Flash that I’ve been using for the past 8 years or going with something else.

I know there’s quite a few companies out there and multiple options regarding fuel type and if the stove system os self-contained (like my Jetboil) or made up of a separate stove/pot/fuel canister. What has everyone else been using?

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I got the Primus Omnifuel last year and I LOVE it! It packs down light weight in a super durable bag, lights insanely quickly, and I can use any type of fuel with it so if I run out of something on a through-hike I can pick up whatever is available at the local shop and switch out the fuel controls in about 3 seconds because they are attached to the stove and not in a bag of mixed parts I would most likely have left at home.

I love white gas for backpacking so this was the big decision in switching from a jet boil. I didn’t want to have to carry around propane canisters.


I have a few stoves that I like.

I primarily use a MSR Pocket Rocket 2 with a small pot. The PR2 boils water great, but can also simmer. I like the flexibility of having a stove and pot in situations where campfires are allowed and I’m able to cook with my pot directly over the campfire.

I also have an Emberlit Fireant twig stove. When fires are allowed it is easy and fun to cook over a small fire. The Fireant stove also works in combination with a Trangia alcohol stove when wood is not available.

I really liked this one when you had it out!! Seemed very easy and I hadn’t used an omnifuel previously so great to see how it worked. Not to mention that WIND SCREEN!!! LOVED IT!!

We just got the jet boil flash after using a pocket rocket style and I don’t think we will ever go back! It is just so fast and efficient not to mention nice having the neoprene sides. However, I received a Frog & Co pocket stove in my Nomadik monthly subscription box and am looking forward to trying that out soon!

Any inexpensive camp stove paired with those grey Coleman fuel canisters works good, usually the stove fits inside whatever mess kit I’m using, even if its not as compact as the high end MSR brands etc.

Just switched to a kelly kettle and freeze dried foods. Bring along a sterno can for fuel in case there isn’t much for kindling where I’m at or its a wet area.

Yes now that I’ve got multiple outings with the kelly kettle I can vouch for it. Aside from the space it takes up, it boils water really fast, if you have a floor of pine needles or loose kindling strewn about, it can boils a few cups of water in under 5 minutes. Bring a sterno can if you’re unsure of wild fuel supplies, and you can still boil water after a little longer period, and sterno cans will fit in the base.

We’ve started using the Solo Stove Lite Gear Kit instead of our JetBoil. It’s nice to have a small fire when we can, but we also have the option of an alcohol burner if needed.

When I was younger the go to stove was the MSR Whisperlite, and while it was/still is great, I finally got rid of it as I found myself using my Jetboil pretty exclusively. I like the self-containment of the Jetboil even if the cup is a bit bulky. If i get back into large group backpacking then perhaps I’ll go back to the Whisperlite and a pot, but for now my girlfriend and I each carry our own Jetboil and things seem to go well.