Arkansas' camping reputation

I’ve heard that Arkansas is the most underrated camping state. Why? Anyone from there please explain?

I live in Missouri and camp in Arkansas quite a bit. If I dont have the time to make it across Kansas to heavenly CO, Arkansas has plenty of activities, beautiful campsites and remote locations to be a great substitute.

I have found that Arkansas really does have some great locations!!! Their state parks are very nice, they even have an exclusive tax in the state which allows for their outdoor spaces to keep their parks free to enter and maintained for those visiting. Sure there are some older parks still like any other state but the locations for the most part are much more plentiful than many states. Lots of hiking, water sports etc accessible from campsites and the resources in their visitor centers are very nice!!!

Born and raised in Arkansas so I may be a bit biased, but we have some great campgrounds. I tend to lean towards the State Parks because they are so well kept, but there are plenty of COE sites and of course off the grid in our National Forests. :slight_smile:

Truth. Being from AR, it’s easy to be biased, but we have campgrounds in virtually any type of environment you may want. From the mountains in the north and west, to delta areas in the south and east. Plus camping is available close to some of the bigger metro areas. Usually the state parks would be my first choice, but there are some nice COE parks as well.

Arkansas is great. Been to Lake DeGRay, Ouachita, Lake Catherine and Petit Jean. All amazing with nice campsites, plenty of hiking and water activities as well.