Any Snowbirds here? Where do you spend the winter?

I’m going to be spending the winter in the Southwest, so I was just curious if there are any other snowbirds around, and where you go during the winter

Really good topic of discussion since winter is nipping at our heels here in the Midwest! Brrrrr!! This could be our first winter where we get to head to warmer climates since we both have remote jobs now. We’re considering south (Florida), southwest (Arizona-ish), or somewhere in between (Texas) but haven’t decided yet. Some of it will be based on people we know in those areas and how visiting them might work for our travel schedules and plans. After all, what’s the point of having friends and family in warm climates if you can’t live in their driveway for a while? :grin:

@taylor - Do you have a set place you plan on spending the whole winter or are you going to move around the Southwest? -Ari

My plan is to move around, but that’s as much as I’ve planned at this point haha

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We’re planning to be in the Tucson area for a couple of months, probably spending a week or two at different boondocking locations and possibly RV parks, if they allow skoolies. With our solar setup we can be off the grid for a week or two at a time.


We love spending time in Joshua Tree and Death Valley in the winter! They can be very popular, though, so recommend going earlier in the week if possible.

How are you doing, Taylor? We’re not sure about our SW travels in January because, well, you know.

I’m currently at my parents house in Sacramento for the holidays, and have been for a few weeks. I’m right there with you, being unsure about what to do next…

Sounds good, Taylor. A lot of the people I follow are heading for their SW winter locations, so we’ll see how things good. Happy Holidays!

Figured we should provide an update to our original post. We’ve decided to head southwest instead of south from Michigan. So, we’ll be in Texas in January and February. Not sure where we are headed in March yet, but we still have some time to figure that out – and track the weather. :slight_smile:

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We are Texas and AZ-bound this Jan/Feb as well. We’re opting for more remote areas and the backyard of family to try to stay isolated as much as possible!

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We are returning to Tucson this coming winter. Rincon East RV Resort. . We enjoyed our winter there in 2019-2020 very much. During our five month stay we researched all the other parks in the region and found it to be the best. Staff are great, facilities are amazing with everything one could ask of a campground. Very, very quiet with not one lost moment of sleep due to noise. The bike trails around Tucson are incredible!

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