Alpicool cooler - looking for advice from owners

Has anyone had experience with an Alpicool (50L Alpicool T series ) fridge? Cost is significantly lower than similar units and seems like it might be more versatile than a small electric apt size fridge. This would be for use in a Sprinter van but also for regular outings and camping.

I have a smaller Appicool cooler that I use when I go camping or traveling. It preforms flawlessly, and uses very little power. I highly recommend it.

Take a look at this site. It looks just like the Alpicool 60 and 75., but Helux coolers have there own batteries in the unit so you dont need to have them plugged in all the time. I have the 75 QT model and it will run a couple of days with out a recharge. Comes with a 120 volt and 12 volt power cord.