All this rain! Is there anywhere dry?

I’m on the coast, in the Houston / Galveston area, and it’s been WET for the last, well, at least 2 months straight.

This brought to mind, a question.

Is there a source where I can look up campgrounds / sites, AND related weather forecasts? Maybe an app or something for that?

Just wondering, Texas is so big, and it’s not like I see the weather reports from say the Pineywoods, or Hill Country…

Bone dry here in SoCal. You’re welcome to send the rain our way.

TONS of folks moving this way from SoCal. Perhaps they could do a return trip / visit with some rain?

We’ve got family in the Stockton area, dry as a bone over there… We need a happy medium.

For sure. We were in Denver a couple of weeks ago visiting our son and his family. So awesome to get rained on while we were there.

Death Valley- 130 degrees the last 2 days.

Last time I looked, Death Valley isn’t in Texas…

True, how about Big Bend NP?

Not a bad idea… :smiley:

Please send it to San Diego. It has been dry for the last 2 years. 2 Big storms last winter and that was it. I was at Lake Meade last weekend. Record high temps and man was the lake low!!!

Come to Oregon, currently we are in a drought and have 10 fires burning in our state but were are a big state and have lots of camping areas/sites to choose from. See

I’d love to go to Detroit lake but there might be a wee bit of a problem with that at this time.

I grew up there and loved camping in the coast range as a teen / young adult. It’s been like the wet you guys usually get is dumping on my head… still…

May the western states get the cooler temps and rain they so desperately need.