All things Yosemite!

Spill the best of Yosemite - day hikes, best lookouts, backpacking trips, campgrounds, any places less crowded. Any best kept secrets?

I’ve only been to Yosemite once before and am going this weekend. We lucked out and got day passes! So for this weekend, I’m specifically looking for sight seeing and day hike recommendations. :star_struck:

Thank you, community!

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While I’m certainly not an expert, when I went there the Hetch Hetchy Resevoir area was significantly less crowded and still beautiful - with a good day hike

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Probably goes without saying but Half Dome is amazing!!!

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Hope you are enjoying… the star tour at night is great as well as a float drop in at Stoneman Bridge and the bus back is $5, I remember. Also, I usually get up extra early and head out about an hour before the crowds and it makes a huge difference!

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Love it! We had an amazing weekend. Next time we will bring tubes to float down. Since reopening the park doesn’t have shuttles running due to covid/social distancing guidelines so we had to figure out a few logistics and there was extra walking involved.


Yosemite is also great in the Winter! It’s a place I just keep returning to… glad you loved it!