Absolute favorite spot in florida?

if there was only one area in Florida that you had to camp in for the rest of your life, where would it be?

The Keys. There’s quite a few campgrounds but they do book up fast. We found Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge usually had tent sites available without planning too far ahead. Key deer wander thru the campground, don’t feed them!

While there are many favorite spots depending upon your likes Tomoka state park in Ormond Beach was a favorite. Went last year for a few days but our reservations were cancelled in March. Many activities here. Great vibe. Close to

I’ve been researching the Florida Trail and one of the highlights seems to Big Cypress national preserve - nothing like walking through a swamp! Here’s a video of someone hiking through it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SM-gdahq4_Q&index=2&list=UUTY6PJNvuO49nIG-aWSVLJQ


I am a fan of West Central Florida and I just cant choose- we have some amazing primitive sites in the Withlacoochie State Forest and some of our state parks are just amazing. But nothing beats the river camps along the Suwannee River

Fort Pickens. The only campground I keep going back to.

Key phrase, “camp in for the rest of my life.” As a SWFL resident that is a discouraging thought…as I prefer altitude. But if I had to…Everglades. Big Cypress being one of the choices. Natural food and water sources abound…and the bonus…very few people.

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Water moccasin are particularly territorial and ornery down here…especially when sloshing through their zones…even the little ones act aggressive. Though I haven’t heard of anyone bitten on the Florida Trail. One friend had his buddy get a double strike on his arm a few weeks back, made it to the hospital just in time not to lose his lower arm. Best time I’d to start the FT around Christmas…the water has receded.

Ya it’s pretty much only recommended to hike the Florida Trail in winter as the snakes and the gators are extremely docile during those months

…and it is not so flooded!

Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National Park! If only it was not in the middle of nothing and you can get there by boat or plane!

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That is one special place for sure!

The chickees in the Everglades backcountry!


those clouds look like an impressionist painting. amazing!

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Great question. Having just recently moved back to Florida, I am just beginning to explore everything this great state has to offer! Recently, I visited a highly recommended spot in North Central FL called Ichetucknee Springs and it was amazingly refreshing (both literally and figuratively). Read my review here for more: https://thedyrt.com/camping/florida/ichetucknee-family-canoe-and-cabins/review/117744

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