20" matress in a 24' 5th wheel?

Hi! New to the forum, new to rv living. Laugh all you want I deserve it. I bought a 20" deep queen matress. Then I bought a 24’ forest river . What are my chances I can get the bed into the rv?

Oh my. Good luck. I once had a 27 foot 5th wheel with a queen size matterss. There was no way of getting that thing out of there. They put the mattress in before the roof went on. If you do get it in there, I’d like to know how. Good luck!

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Please tell us here about your experience, it would be very useful

Hi Helen,
If you were referring to my reply I will go into a bit more detail. This was back in the early 90’s, wanted to just flip the mattress or something but the bed area was to short to flip it and there was no way of getting it down the stairs. Just not enough room, and no way to get it to bend out the door. The mattress had a soft metal ring around the lip and this became bent but didnt effect the comfort when sleeping. There were no slide outs to make more room back then. With the platform under the bed, head room was reduced, had to hunch over when you were in the bedroom.

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All my worry was for naught. My oversized queen got just nicely through the door and onto the pedestal. It is even with the side tables. It hangs off the end a bit. Anyone know, can i remove the pedestal to more headroom?

And it’s the most comfy bed ever