$1500 budget, which Portable Power Station?

I recently started my RV travel. But I found it too noisy to bring a fuel generator to camp, annoying to put it in an RV, and some camps don’t allow it.
So I want to buy a Portable Power Station, it’s quieter, more environmentally friendly and doesn’t have to buy fuel.
My budget is about 1500 dollars. My friend recommended I buy Jackery Explorer 2000, an old brand and more reliable, but it cost 2000 dollars, which is beyond my budget.
I noticed the Zendure SuperBase 2000; it performs and looks better than the Jackery, has wheels and fast recharging, and is on sale for just $1,399. But it’s a new product. I don’t know much about it. Have anyone bought Zendure? Can you give me some advice?thx!

Here’s the link
Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 / 2096W PORTABLE POWER STATION
Jackery Explorer 2000 Portable Power Station

Hey Plane66. I have never heard of Zendure, but after watching the video of Hobotech, it seems like a slick unit. Just not sure when they will be available. What all will you be powering with your power station, will you need solar panels or will you just be recharging it when you get someplace you can plug it in? Another company thats been around for some time is Goal Zero. Ive used there products for years and have a Lithium 1000 that mainly powers a Dometic duel zone 75 qt. Fridge freezer. Usually last 2 or 3 days before needing a recharge and it recharges other things like lights and mobile devices in that sametime frame. They have “open box” deals going on now if you go to there website and run a search. Good luck in your search for a power unit!

What you are powering, for how long between charges and how you will charge are all critical questions. That power station could last a week for some or a day for others. Solar is awesome but not always an option. Many things to consider.

I have a smaller Jackery and have been impressed by how easy it is to use. However, if I had to make the decision again, I would make sure that whatever portable power station I buy would have LiFePo (Lithium Iron Phosphate). My Jackery, and at least as far as I know, all of them use lithium but not LiFePo so they have the ability to recharge 500 times in the lifetime of the battery. LiFePo batteries have the ability to be cycled 3,000 or more times. In the video from HoboTech, he says that the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 is good for 1,500 cycles and the 1500 for 3,000 cycles (it is LiFePo). You may want to check out Will Prowse on youtube. He does the best job of testing and even tearing apart systems to check the quality of the components. He also maintains an updated list of the best he has seen so far. Many of these are the same components under different labels. You should also consider, if you will be in very cold or very hot environments. Having temp sensor shutoffs can prevent damage to your system. Some claim low temp sensors that only have high. There is a lot of useful info out there. It is worth doing a bit more research with the cost of the investment. Good luck. BTW, of the two mentioned I would choose the Zendure.


Frankly speaking, the capacity should be taken into account while choosing a power station for RV travel. I was confused, like you, until I saw a tutorial video on Youtube. Really impressed by BLUETTI AC200P, which features a 2000Wh capacity, secure LFP battery, and 17 output ports for functional charging. It can provide almost all the power I need along my way. Works great!

if you are still looking for a portable power station under $1500 then check this out https://www.noveltymaker.com/best-portable-power-station/ i recently bought bluetti AC200P 200Wh to be honest its of massive power and capacity multiple outlet and efficient recharging rate

That’s a great budget! Depending on what you want to do with it, I’d probably go with the Anker Powerhouse, since it’s got enough juice to charge up to five devices at once and plenty of ports. It’s a great bang for your buck.