10 Tips For Girls Camping

Sleeping under the stars, connecting with nature, cooking food over a fire in the woods—camping in any capacity is an amazing experience. If you’re a girl, however, camping can sometimes lead to some unique challenges. Here are ten tips that every girl should know before going camping.

1 : Pick a Safe Location

One of the most important camping tips for girls—especially girls who may be camping solo or only with other girls—is to pick a safe location. This means safe from wildlife, the elements, and nefarious people, too. Research your camping spot thoroughly before booking!

2 : Keep Hair Braided

A helpful tip for hygiene is to braid your hair before you go—and keep it braided. With braided hair, you can go days without showering and hardly even notice. You can also avoid having to pack a hairbrush, as a braid prevents knots and tangles.

3 : Use Sunscreen - Especially On Your Face

Sunscreen is always a must, but you should ALWAYS be using sunscreen on your face. Even if it’s cold and uncomfortable, using sunscreen will help to prevent skin cancer, early aging, sun spots, and wrinkles, and it will make your skincare routine so much smoother.

4 : Bring Wet Wipes

Water may not always be accessible, and when it is, it should be reserved for drinking. Wet wipes are a quick and easy solution to keeping clean, and you can use them for anything; on your body, on your supplies, even as quick toilet paper!

5 : Don’t Forget Dry Shampoo

Again, you may not always have access to water, and if you choose to skip the hair braid, you’re going to want something to keep you feeling refreshed and far from gross. Not every campsite has a shower, but even if they do, you’ll want some dry shampoo as a back up.

6 : Invest in High-Quality Equipment

This means selecting a good, water-proof tent, a long-lasting lantern, and a thick blanket. We also highly recommend investing in a beach wagon such as the Chillcamping Wagon or other push-pull wagon device, which will help you if you have to carry lots of supplies for long distances over terrain that can’t be accessed by car.

7 : Wear Good Shoes

High-quality shoes can mean the difference between a good camping experience and a miserable one. Wear shoes that protect your feet from the elements, insulate from all temperatures, are waterproof, and are tailored to fit to your feet. A good, strong pair of hiking boots is usually the best option, but make sure you break them in before the trip.

8 : Hydrate!

Drink lots of water. Drink water all day, every day. Drink bottles and bottles of water. Drink water until you don’t think you can drink any more water. The last thing you need on your camping trip is to have to be rescued because you’ve become too dehydrated.

9 : Journal or Take Lots of Pictures

Whether you had an amazing experience or a terrible one, there is always something you can learn and share and grow from your experience. Make sure you document your travels with a camera or journal so that you can remember it years down the line or share it with family members and friends.

10 : Embrace it

Finally, make sure you embrace every moment of your camping experience—even the times that you may regret your decision to go on this journey. Breathe deeply, connect with nature, and live in the present!

Men and women need to be able to defend themselves. A firearm in the hands of a well trained man or woman is the ultimate equalizer.

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If you’re trying to offer tips for women campers, let’s make sure we use some correct terms. They are not girls, they are women.

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A big thing is make sure wherever you are camping, download the map onto your phones, and make sure someone knows where about you are heading. A firearm is a great idea, however you also have to know how to use and train with it as much as possible. Something like a Garmin inreach mini is also very valuable if you are going deep in the trenches! Water, extra fuel if possible, and a way to communicate to each other or the outside world.

Be safe!